Remember The Pretty White Girls Who Joined ISIS? You Might Want To See This

Back in 2014, two pretty white girls from Austria became the “poster girls” for the Islamic State (Daesh) terror group when they fled their homes unexpectedly to join the barbaric group. One of them was reportedly killed in the beginning of the summer, and now news is coming out of the area about the other that you might want to see.

Samra Kesinovic, who’s just 17, and her friend Sabina Selimovic both fled their homes in Austria to join up with Daesh after a grueling trip through the Middle East last year, reports MailOnline.

The two arrived in Raqqa, Syria in April 2014, wearing only the clothes they had on their backs. Soon after, they both married Daesh militants that had been living in the region.

At first, both teens bragged about their allegedly awesome lives in the territory, and said that they were happy to be able to openly practice their religion there, which they claimed to not be able to do back home.

Apparently, life under Daesh isn’t as great as it sounds (shocker). Earlier this year, it was learned that Selimovic was killed while fighting in Raqqa, but the bad news for the girls doesn’t end there.

The remaining jihadi bride must not have liked life in the caliphate too much without her BFF there to ease her suffering, because she ended up trying to escape. If you know anything about Daesh, they don’t take too kindly to traitors, so things didn’t work out for the best for Kesinovic.

A number of Austrian newspapers are reporting that Daesh militants apparently caught her trying to sneak out of the self-declared capitol of the caliphate, and she likely wished she blew herself up instead. She was allegedly held down and beaten to death by the “men” when they found her, but sadly her remains have yet to be found.

While I have little love lost for the two girls, who knew better than to join Daesh but did anyways, I feel for their families for losing their little girls to Islam. It’s not the family’s fault the girls were converted, but they’re now forced to pay the price for it through their suffering and grieving, knowing they’ll never see their loved ones again.

Personally, I think their story needs to be made into a movie, then played in every Western school across the globe to serve as a deterrent for others who may want to join Daesh. While it won’t stop everyone from trying, it’ll at least make them think twice before they decide to join the forces of pure evil.

source: madworldnews


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